Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to Get Unlimited Life in Pet Rescue Saga on Mobile Devices {Without Cheat Engine}

As I grew out of my addiction with Candy Crush Saga, developed by King under Limited, I recently bumped into a very new addicting game that will surely get you hooked too. 

Tell me how can you not love those cutie little pets that you need to rescue with the puzzles that they are locked with. And like Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga has different set of challenges in every level and you can share your game results to your friends straight away. You can play Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook or Android devices and iPhone/iOS devices.

The life in this game refresh by time for free just like its sister games. Today, I'll show you how to get unlimited number of lives without bothering your Pet Rescue Friends anymore. :D This trick I discovered last night is actually the same as the trick we use with Candy Crush Saga (I didn't know at first that it would work as well). 

Enjoy! Play the game and try to pass more levels with single life :). You don't need extra life until you have none doesn't it?

Once lives are all consumed this is the time that we need to do the trick. :D
Press home on your mobile device and go to "Settings".

For Android Devices : Go to Settings > More > Date and Time > Uncheck Automatic date and time > Set the date a day ahead > press home > go back to Pet Rescue Saga game and TADA! Game on because you have full life again. <3

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch : Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Time Off > Set Date and Time > Add three hours ahead > go back to Pet Rescue Saga game and TADA!! your life meter is full for sure.
Source :
Keep doing this steps every time you need some life. 
Try. Love. Share the word. <3

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Samurai LED Watch {Our first online purchase in KSA}

Its a normal afternoon, I was busy doing blogs and my husband doing his usual thing with his phone while watching football. All of a sudden, he asked to use my phone and then phoned somebody about watches for sale he've just seen on Facebook. Dale then said that we're going to meet somebody in Lulu Hypermarket in Al Khobar to pick up some watches because they cannot do delivery somewhere else. I am used with buying and selling because I've been doing that back home and even in the UK (ebay-ing), but never tried it here in Saudi Arabia.

So we went there and we got the guy who's selling the watch. Not so sure if he's a Saudi or not, because he just gave us the watch and he didn't even get out of his car from the car park. But aside from that, our first KSA online transaction (as I can call it, I don't think they have as much online stores at the moment) turned out to be a good and very fast transaction. The seller even managed to show us some of the other stuffs that they sell, explained the warranty and watch specification (yeah there's no manual for them nor box but its still not that bad for their price). We paid 230SAR for both but the regular price is 120SAR each, thank you for my bargaining skills I was able to slash at least 10SAR off the price.

So here's the lovely watches

They are called Samurai LED watch, they are listed as 32USD each on their website and they come in black or silver colour with red or blue LED lights. The online store is called DR Electronics and you can visit their website for more products they sell like spy cam and sport watches. I can say that they are reliable online sellers, on-time with their clients but lacks a bit of costumer service. As they are quite new with the business I guess they will develop that in the future.

The watches look very smart. They look like normal bracelet when you don't need to check out the time and I guess that saves the battery of the watch as well. And its the first time that I've seen these kind of watches too. 

Lacey Lazy Day {How to make a Stamp Lace Nailart}

Today is a lazy saturday so I decided to share a simple but glam nail art design. Lace Nail art design can vary from buying a pre-made lace stickers, to actual painting and/or using real lace. Alternatively, you can also do a lace nail art with stamping. I've done a news paper nail art before, so today we will be just changing our material from news paper to printed lace design.

Lace design will never fail to give your lovely nails a glam look. As lace is and was always associated with high class and sophistication, nailart like these gives girls an extra flirty look day or night. So go ahead and get your favourite tint ready and have a glam lacey nails.

How to Achieve the Look :)

 First off ladies, find a lovely lace design that you want to use for stamping. 

Make several copies of the images and then print it off. Make sure you have the right size for your finger nails (you don't want it to be either too big nor too small).

Next prep your nails. You can have this done by yourself (just like what I do) or go to your favourite salon and have your nails prep up the way you like it. While prepping I use products like Rimmel London Growth Protector to help my nail be strong as they grow. This can be readily purchased at Boots or any other stores with nail products. Online, Rimmel London Nail Rescue, is the newer version of this product and its available for only 4.59£.

Have your nails tinted with your favourite polish and leave it to dry. Today I've used Forever Strong Pro Nail Color by Maybelline Blubble Gum and Rose Porcelaine. They are so lush on your fingers and stays just like day 1 for more than 7 days. 

Once dry you'll need a few tablespoon of Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol, usually used in hospitals and at home, antiseptic solution) in a small cup big enough to dip your finger in. Dip your finger in and keep it under the solution for 3-5 secs. Remove your finger and then carefully place the printed pattern on top of your nail (the way you wanted it to be). Keep it pressed against your nails for 5-10 seconds. 

Slowly remove the pattern off and leave it to dry. To clean off any stuck paper remains on your finger, use a cotton bud and dip it with alcohol. Slowly brush off the paper until removed. 

Do it with the rest of your nails, and cover it with clear polish for cleaner look and TADA!! that's it you're done, you have a stamped lacey nail art. :L

This nail art should last up for days up to several weeks depending on how you take care of your nails. Avoid doing the dishes or opening soda cans while the polish are not completely dry (Good isn't it? You have an excuse about doing dishes, one of the perks for being a girl :D). 
Let me know how yours turn out. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Pink or Blue {Curiosity on Baby's Gender}

As first time parents, me and my husband are not really bothered if we are having a girl or a boy. But the closer we get to "know" weather the baby's going to be a he or she the more excited we are and anxious about it. As me I am not this person who loves surprise for I always wanted to get ahead and plan for what's coming. It really didn't matter if which is which because for us no matter what, this blessing is one of the greatest thing that ever happen to our life. Aside from that, I can't wait to start thinking of the baby's name and so far being clueless with the gender is not helping. It is so much better to bond with someone when you know its name isn't it?

He wants, She wants

As we looked at the pictures of my last scan, me and Dale cannot help but to have a fun debate about what the baby's gender is. I was looking forward having a baby girl and my husband wants a boy (just for the sake of having a topic for debate) and since the baby was very hyperactive while the doctor was doing the scan, I told my husband "he's definitely like you", I got then this feeling that the baby's going to be a baby boy because of how energetic it is on my womb. The baby scan also kinda show that he/she is holding its winky or peachy, which again didn't help at all.

Gender Myths

There are several myths about baby's gender and believe me I even have friends who's having a bet about our baby's gender. The common Filipino one is if the mother looks blooming during her pregnancy she's having a baby girl, and if she's the other way around, looking haggard and stressed, she's having a baby boy. And as I don't really bother putting make up on that much recently, together with feeling very tired and lazy, most of my Filipino friends tell me that I am having a baby boy. 

There's also these all wive's tale about how the mother carries the baby. If the mother is carrying the baby high it would be a girl, but I've read that loads of mother or two and more proving it wrong. 

Another one is that a baby's gender can be predicted with the baby's heart rate. If it exceeds 140 bpm (beats per minute) then its a baby girl, and if below that its a baby boy.

Researching online, I've seen some Chinese Gender Prediction on (a good website where I read loads of information about pregnancy and beyond. The website itself stated that the predictor is 50% reliable (but of course there's only two choices anyway). I gave it a try it requires your conception date or due date and mother's birthday and the results gave me a baby boy. I hurly asked my friend Rhegine to go and have a try as well (she had an adorable baby Girl) and her results is a baby boy. Bummer I know so, with my result maybe we're having a baby girl too? 

Another sill myth is called Drano test. I never tried this one and I will not probably. The myth says that you need to mix a tablespoon of Drano (a drain cleaner) in with your urine and when the mixture turns green you'll have a baby girl and blue if you're having a baby boy. Sounds familiar to me really, because I can remember the same kind of results with litmus paper experiment that we do in school before. The said myth was studied by physicians in Vancouver in 1999 and was determined to be not so reliable.

Pros and Cons 

Prince Harry, left, Prince William, right, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Source : The Wall Street Journal

For whatever reason the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have to kept the baby's gender secret until birth is definitely something that the parents wanted. As to us the Queen's (haha) we decided to know the baby's gender as soon as possible and probably by my next scan (later this month).

Learning the Gender Pros :
 You don't have to be wondering for 9 months, most specially if you don't like surprises
 It makes shopping easier. You will know what color you'll choose for the nursery, clothes and baby stuffs
 You're relatives can get you gender matching gifts (haha! if they are getting some) Your relatives and friends will no more be anxious about your baby's gender
 You can have a name chosen and get the baby stuffs personalised
 Your older kids (if any) can know and potentially bond with the new family member easily.

Learning the Gender Cons :
 You'll miss out on one of life's biggest surprises
 Ultrasound result can be wrong
 Disappointments - as some parents are wishing and really looking forward having specific genders.

As this is a very touchy subject, the husband and wife should talk about and it's always better to lay out the pros and cons before making decision on breaking the ice or keeping it secret.